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Talking Fashion – That outfit again? Oh, no. Or – Oh, yes.

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OK, you put together an ensemble that was a big hit, its photo liked on social media. You’d spent some time and probably money assembling the look. Was it a one-shot wonder or would you trot it out again.

Not everyone is in the new-costume-every-occasion hall of fame like artist Karen Barone, who self-designs constantly. So we asked some other well-dressed local ladies and a gentleman for their opinion.

Would you wear it twice?

Laurie Weitz, art activist. “No. It’s not a gray area for me. (Laughs.) Palm Springs is a little city with big city ideas. The fashion bar is high here. Always mindful of what’s appropriate to a given event…and not repeating the same outfit again. People look forward to seeing what we’re going to wear next.”

susan-stein-by-jon-abeyta-photographySusanna Schulten, artist. “Palm Springs is all about dressing up. Yes, I would wear the same clothes on different occasions, but I would combine them differently with accessories to look like a different style. I do have a few favorite pieces that I wear a lot.”

Susan Stein, creative director/producer Fashion Week El Paseo and “Palm Springs Life” fashion/scene editor. “Because of today’s high-end to low-end fashion alternatives, you can wear something more than once. Take a basic black Valentino five years old and add something to make it trendy.” She advocates updating with buzzy items from fast fashion outlets, mentioning Zara along with H&M and COS.

Donna MacMillan, art philanthropist. “Wear things twice? It’s a crazy question. I can’t imagine not. I like what I have and I’m proud to wear it (frequently). That doesn’t bother me.”

Babette Hansen, retired hair/makeup stylist. “I’d probably wear the same thing twice. Though we don’t go to that many functions. But I do believe (this situation) is why there are so many designer consignment – resale shops here.”

William Dey, photographer. “Same exact outfit? No. But I do have a YSL white suit I vary….put with classic shirt and shoes…or with black shirt and chains to make edgy…or even with a graphic T-shirt and gold high-top sneakers. Also I have a memorable Trina Turk jacket with wide red/gray vertical stripes… (teamed with) black leather jeans…or with white shirt and wide Gucci tie, slim-fit pant. This jacket I never wear back-to-back. I wait two-three months.”

Molly Bondhus, co-owner Wil Stiles boutique. “I certainly see no shame in repeating key items. Some of the most chic women in the desert repeat an amazing black gown reinterpreted with jewelry and accessories. Same thing applies to a favorite skirt or pair of boots I might wear to Pappy & Harriet’s. I simply don’t care if someone remembers it from a month prior. I collect unusual pieces that have a vintage vibe and hold onto them – and pull them out whenever the mood strikes.”

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